Peake Drop Arms Specifications:

Top quality galvanized drop arms, for those hard to reach places. With the overhaul length of 1.35 meters.

Adding drop arms to a crop sprayer may be unconventional, but if fungicide or weed coverage is a concern, they will be worth it. Carefully consider the volumes you use because they should reflect the size of the plant canopy you are trying to protect.

The drop arms can be fitted to any crop sprayer that has a boom structure. It is fastened securely with a bracket and U bolt, thus not damaging the structure of the existing boom. The fluid is fed through a 12 mm nylon pipe that is fitted to the existing nozzle body. Two nozzles are then fitted at the end of the pipe giving you peace of mind.

Are you worried about it beginning destroyed? Not to worry, with its "split" section and heavy duty spring, our product returns back into position.

Make your life easier and purchase a locally made South African product and avoid all the extra costs.



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