Peake DTS Mk III.a Sprayer Specifications:

Engine and Drive: Turbo charged Cummins BT6 diesel. 115 Kw. @ 2200 rpm. Infinitely variable speed hydrostatic drive controlled through multi-function joystick. Constant 4 wheel drive with hydraulically engaged positive all wheel lock giving exceptional traction and climbing capability. High range 2-wheel drive for road transport. Fail-safe brakes, incorporated in the heavy-duty wheel motors, are fitted as standard equipment.

Chassis, Steering & Suspension: All welded high quality rectangular steel sections. Power assisted front wheel steering with telescopic front arms fitted with four wheel independent air ride suspension, live air supply and auto-load sensing adjustment providing 210mm of independent wheel travel. This ensures improved operator comfort and that all wheels are making ground contact irrespective of ground conditions. Under frame ground clearance of 2.2m

Cab: Fully Air-conditioned with activated charcoal fresh air filters and air suspension seat provides daylong driver comfort, with second fixed buddy seat. The uncluttered control layout allows for excellent view of the InFront Boom. Bright halogen lights are positioned to give you a superior view of the boom and field during night-time spraying.

Spray tanks: Dual Stainless steel tanks fitted between the wheels. 1400 Liters each, giving you a total of 2800 liters. Variable speed mechanical propeller agitators in each tank. Easy fill connectors at ground level.

Spray pumps: Hydraulically driven Bertolini diaphragm pump, side mounted of adequate capacity for high volume spraying.

Spray Boom: Peake InFront" boom is of all steel construction for South African conditions. Configurations are available in widths, up to 32 m, to match your spray pattern or planter width. Hydraulically operated folding and lifting system with fingertip control from the drivers seat. Boom height variable between 600 and 2700mm. Fingertip control on multifunction joystick.

Spray fluid & position control system: TeeJet metering and computerized fluid application rate regulating system. TeeJet BoomPilot and FieldPilot systems installed to ensure trouble free auto steer and accurate machine positioning and coverage monitoring including swath control. Reduced overlap saves on material inputs, fuel, time, and operator stress.

Tyres: 340/85 R38 radial ply tyres ensure adequate carrying capacity and minimum compaction.

Track width: Mechanically adjustable from 2200 to 3600mm, wider width optionally available.

Cab Woodspec Built
Total Cab Volume 3.2m³
Total Vision Area 3.2m² glass
Glass Type Tempered-flat front, sides & rear SABS approved safety glass.
Seat  High black automotive vinyl covered 4-way adjustable air suspension seat & fixed buddy seat.
Gauges Quick reference VDO tachometer for engine rpm. VDO analogue hour, voltage, fuel level & water temperature gauges are fitted as standard equipment.
Radio AM/FM, CD combination radio with 2 speakers.
Warning lights Hand brake, charge, air pressure & oil pressure warning lights.
Steering Column Adjustable tilt.
Air Con Multi-range adjustable air-conditioner fan with 3 adjustable air vents.
Air Filtration 2 Speed fresh air fan with charcoal activated primary filter.
Lighting 6 Field view halogen work lights, interior led lamp, turning signal & hazard beckon.
Engine Turbo charged Cummins BT6 diesel 115kw @2200rpm
Drive System Pressure compensated hydrostatic pump with manual positive displacement control driving fixed displacement Black Bruin wheel motors. Selectable 2 or 4 Wheel Drive incorporating unique hydraulically engaged positive all wheel traction lock.
Frame Welded construction high strength rectangular steel section cross-member frame.
Travel Speed 4 Wheel Drive (operation mode) 0 -14km/h,    2 Wheel Drive  0 - 32km/h
Suspension Telescopic arms with four-wheel, independent air-ride suspension, with live air supply and auto-load sensing adjustment with 210mm of independent wheel travel.
Fuel Capacity 180L steel  tanks fitted with screens and lockable filler caps.
Ground Clearance 2200 mm  under cross beam.    
Track Width 2200 mm - 3600 mm, manual adjust
Turning circle 6.2 meter radius at 3m track
Wheel Base 2830 mm.
Dimensions L- 7880 mm,  W- 4300 mm & H - 4100 mm  (fitted with 30m boom).
Dry Weight 8200 Kg - fitted with 30m boom.
Max. Axle Loading 7500kg - Front and 8000kg - Rear
Tyres 340/85 R38 Radial.  
Park Brake Spring loaded wet multi-disc park brake, pressure to release.
Access Ladder, service platforms. Removable side panels for ease of servicing and maintenance.

Spray Section:
Solution Tanks Two 3CR12 Steel - 2800 liter capacity combined. Not suited for liquid fertilizer or similar chemicals.
Fillers & Size Ground level 2”quik-fill point & 460 diameter tank lids to easy cleaning out the tanks.
Agitation Hydraulically driven variable speed mechanical paddle agitation.
Product Pump Jacto Piston pump, 150l/min or Bertolini diaphragm pump 160l/min.
Spray Control TeeJet Matrix Pro 570G controlling 5 section TeeJet fluid regulator.
Auto-Steer TeeJet FeildPilot & BoomPilot are an innovative GPS guidance and automatic boom section control devices that provides effective results in an easy-to-use package.
Boom 19 - 32 meter hydraulically operated tubular section steel dry booms & nitrogen assisted shock absorption.
Breakaway Hydraulic breakaway with additional spring breakaway tip . 
Boom Height Range 600mm - 2700mm (2100mm range)
Nozzle Spacing 500mm
Boom Plumbing 5 sections with 13mm pressure line, 25mm feeder & 40mm suction lines.
Nozzles TeeJet triple nozzle body, includes ChemSaver® diaphragm check valve for drip-free shutoff. Opens at 0.7 bar. Nozzles & caps not included. Nozzle sizes to customer preference.

All Wheel Steering.
Custom boom spacing’s.
19, 20, 24, 26, 28 and 32 meter booms optionally available.
High volume plumbing (300l/min pump).
Variable rate controllers.
Remote variable pressure control.
Flow meters.
Chemical injector units.
304 Stainless steel spray tanks.
Data logging.
Foam markers.
Boom Storage Stands.
Front and rear wheel shields/fenders (straw dividers).
The optional quick attach system allows the Peake DTS to be equipped with other front mounted toolbars for operations such as side-dressing liquid fertilizer, hooded spraying and detasseling.
Six top mounted rinse jets three per tank for thorough tank cleaning.
Individual agitator control
Rear tool bar. Various options available.
Rear hydraulic power take off.
Nozzle behind rear wheels.
Optional wheel sizes available.




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